Worker’s deal

For you who are on the move, we offer extra service in low season (September – April):

  • Early breakfast
  • Packed lunch
  • Late arrival
  • Late dinner
  • Coffee at any time of day

Minimum 10 nights per month does not apply May-August. The  invoice is sent directly to your company.

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Great deals on long-term rentals and return visits for work travellers

If you are working in our area for an extended period of time and need flexibility – please contact us to get an advantageous deal that fits your needs.

Two-courses meal of the day for Worker’s Deal

  • Meatballs with pea stew
  • Pork roast with sauerkraut
  • Flesk og duppe med kålrotstappe
  • Pork and gravy with turnip mash
  • Salmon with Sandefjord sauce, cucumber salad and asparagus