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Brattrein Hotel is located in the heart of Telemark, within easy reach of a wide range of activities. Discover a variety of cultural and natural experiences.

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«Notodden is located about 110 km south-west of Oslo. There are many reasons to take a day trip or stop at Notodden. The former industrial town, together with Rjukan, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You might like to start at Telemarksgalleriet / Lysbuen. There you’ll have a good starting point from which to experience and find your way around the world heritage attractions. Take a stroll and discover, for example, the Tinfos cultural area, Villamoen, Hydro Admeni, Grønnebyen, the Youth Village in the centre and Hydroparken.

Idyllically located by Heddalsvannet lake, Notodden’s new cultural center, Bok & Blueshuset, is among other things home to a blues museum, a cinema, a café and a library. Just outside the town centre is Notodden, Telemark and Norway’s pride and joy, Heddal Stave Church. In the nearby barn church you can visit Kafé Olea and a short stroll away you’ll find Heddal bygdetun. Notodden is the blues capital of Europe and the Notodden Blues Festival is held on the first weekend in August every year.» // visitnotodden.no

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Heddal Stave Church

One of the most beautiful stave churches in the world is located in Heddal, just outside Notodden. The church was built in the early 13th century and materials from an earlier church have been found on the site.

Notodden Blues Festival

The Notodden Blues Festival is Europe’s leading blues festival, with several of the biggest blues stars visiting every year. During this period, the festival and the town are filled with people from all over the world.
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The Telemark Canal

The Telemark Canal stretches from the idyllic southern coastline, through rolling fruit landscapes in central Telemark to the high mountains and the mighty Hardangervidda.
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Telemarksgalleriet presents exhibitions of national and international art.
The Art Museum exhibits art from the Norsk Hydro and Norsk Industriarbeidermuseum art collections, as well as the Terje Bergstad collection.
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Rjukan-Notodden’s industrial heritage

Notodden is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, together with Rjukan! The industrial heritage of Rjukan-Notodden is unique globally and must be experienced. Join the journey and get to know the places, ideas and, not least, the people who got us there.
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Vemork is industrial history at its very best. The Norwegian Industrial Labour Museum at Vemork represents many of Norway’s industrial adventures from the last century. Vemork is also the site of the historically famous Norwegian heavy water sabotage (Tunktvannsaksjonen), which has been adapted into a number of movies.
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Bok & Blueshuset

Bok & Blueshuset at Notodden is an attraction with its many offers and its beautiful location by Heddalsvannet lake. The house has a cinema with two auditoriums, both with top sound (Dolby Atmos) and 4k resolution, its own Blueseum, a library that extends over two floors, as well as a café and a live stage that regularly hosts renowned artists from Norway and abroad.
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Fruktbygda (Sauherad)

Norway’s best apple juice comes from Fruktbygda Sauherad. Local ingredients are also used to make beer and wine. Treat yourself to a unique tasting experience – go apple juice tasting in the beautiful fruit landscape with fragrant fruit trees and cosy fruit farmers. Visit Northern Europe’s leading Cable Wakeboard centre. The Cable Wakeboard World Championships were organised here in 2014.
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Gaustabanen / Gaustatoppen

Gaustabanen is a cable car inside Gaustoppen. The track is an experience in itself, taking you up to 1800 metres above sea level. At the top is a 150 metre long stone staircase built by Sherpas from Nepal. From the top you can see 1/6 of Norway!
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Bø Sommarland

Fantastic water and entertainment park for the whole family. Here you’ll find a variety of slides, car tracks, Tarzan trails and more fun!
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The silver mines of Kongsberg

Join us on a train ride into the King’s Mine and a fascinating tour 2300 meters into the deepest mountain. In the mines, children can take part in a treasure hunt, and in the activity centre outside the silver mines, they can play miners and wash out real silver and make their own coins.
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Norway’s largest trade and agricultural fair. Always starts on the 2nd Friday in September with up to 90,000 visitors. Shopping, local food, agricultural and animal exhibitions, crafts, children’s activities and funfair.
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