Brattreins gate 9, 3683 NOTODDEN
Email : post@brattrein.no
Tlf : +47 35 01 23 00

The taxi central is at the core of the city, close to Teledølen and Carbiden.

Tlf. 350 11 349

From Bergen you can fly directly to Notodden Airport:  Bergen – Notodden

Alternativtely, Torp i Sandefjord and Geiteryggen i Skien is also very close.

Notodden – Kongsberg – Oslo/Gardermoen

Rjukan – Notodden – Skien – Torp

Gardermoen/Oslo – Notodden – Haugesund – Bergen

Brattsbergbanen (Notodden – Skien – Porsgrunn) is the only train that goes directly to Notodden station, but many trains stops by Nordagutu station which is very close, i.e. “Sørlandsbanen”. Check NSB.no to find your route.