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Brattrein Hotell is located in the heart of Telemark, nearby a number of exciting activities. Experience a multitude of cultural and nature experiences.

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“You’ll find Notodden 110km southwest of Oslo. There are many reasons to spend a day or more in Notodden. The former industrial town is now inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list along with Rjukan. Telemarksgalleriet and Lysbuen museum is a great starting point if you wish to discover the towns exciting and intriguing history, and the many world heritage attractions. We also recommend going for a walk through the Tinfos cultural area, Villamoen, Hydro Admini, Grønnebyen, Hydroparken and Notoddens art-noveau city centre.

Right next to the shore of lake Heddalsvannet you will find Notoddens new cultural venue, Bok & Blueshuset (House of Books & Blues), with a state of the art cinema, library, café and Blueseum. Notodden is the blues capital of Europe, and the first weekend in august the annual Notodden Blues Festival is held here.
A few kilometers outside Notodden city center you can visit the pride of Notodden, Telemark and Norway; Heddal Stave church, the largest and one of the oldest stave churches in Norway! In the surrounding area there’s Olea café and Heddal local museum, where you can see and learn about life and architecture in Norway from medieval times to the late 19th century.”

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Heddal Stave Church

One of the most beautiful stave churches in the world is placed in Heddal, just outside the city of Notodden. The church was built in the 1200- century.

Notodden Blues Festival

Notodden Blues Festival is europe’s biggest bluesfestival. With big stars on the poster each year. One weekend every year, Notodden is filled up with blues-enthusiast from all over the world.

Canal of Telemark

The Canal streches from the idyllic coastside in the south, through the fruitfields of Midt-Telemark to the gracious mountains and the mighty Hardangervidda.

The Telemark Gallery

The industrial museum shows the most important Norwegian invention; The electric Arch and the end product artificial fertilizer.

The Art museum shows art from Norsk Hydro’s art collection.

Rjukan-Notodden World Heritage

Notodden, in addition to Rjukan, is now a part of UNESCOs World Heritage! Rjukan-Notodden industrial heritage is unique on a world context, and is a must when visiting Telemark. Join the journey and get to know the places, the ideas and the people who got us there.


Vemork is industrial history at its very best. NIA at Vemork represents a lot of Norways industrial adventure from the past century. Vemork is also the location for the famous Norwegian Heavy Water Sabotage, which has been filmatized countless times.

Bok & Blueshuset

Bok & blueshuset in Notodden is a public cultural house with beautiful surroundings. The building houses two cinemas with Dolby Atmos, a café and a Bluseum. There is also a library and an analog recording studio, Juke Joint Studio.

Fruktbygda (Sauherad)

Experience the hospitable fruit-town with over 500.000 fruit-trees. Farms with stores, galleries, wine tasting, home bakeries and Norway’s best apple juice. You can paddle or bike from Notodden, or take the car for a twenty-minute ride.


Gaustabanen – A spectacular and dramatic lift, inside the mountain. Earlier it was used as a military base, but opened for the public in 2010. A fast lane to the top of the mountain.

Bø Summerland

Bø summerland has some of europes biggest and most spectacular waterrides and is scandinavias biggest waterpark. Only 20 minutes from Notodden!

Silver mines of Kongsberg

Take a trainride in to the kings cave and experience a guided tour 2300 meters in to the deep. There are treasurehunts for the children and outside the caves you can actually dig out your own silver and make a silver coin!


Norways biggest commerce- and agriculturefair. Always the second friday of september and up to 90.000 visitors. Local food, agriculture, animal shows and much more.

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